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PacktPub publishes 2000th title

Packt Publishing has reached another major milestone, 2000 titles have been published! To celebrate their milestone they have a surprise in store for everyone: Buy one, get one free offer! Check it out here as it is a limited time offer, so hurry!

PacktPub has some tremendous offerings and their library of titles is quite nice. All titles are written by experts in their respective fields and are worth a read.

PacktPub publishes 1000th IT title

Packt Publishing has reached a major milestone, 1000 IT titles have been published! To celebrate their milestone they have a surprise in store for all registered members which they will announce soon. Be sure to register at PacktPub to get in on their surprise!

It's free to register and a great place to stay up to date on the latest technologies!

Book Review: Microsoft Silverlight 5: Building Rich Enterprise Dashboards

If you are building applications that could use a dashboard then I would recommend taking a look at the PacktPub book “Microsoft Silverlight 5: Building Rich Enterprise Dashboards”. The book focuses on using Silverlight 5 to construct various dashboards and provides guidelines on how to achieve this from start to finish. Along the way are useful tips and tricks and gotchas that can be found when dealing with the various aspects of building a dashboard.

Surface Zoom Behavior

I have been writing applications for the Surface recently and started to experiment integrating Behaviors into my applications. One behavior that I am using is a conversion from Laurent Bugnion and his amazing Zoom Behavior for WPF.

Focus On The Home

Haven't updated this site in a while, been busy with some pretty cool projects ... more to come on them in the near future.

One of the projects I have been doing is a site called Focus on the Home. This site offers a way for people to get organized in many different ways and stay organized. The services that are offered are great ways to start out, and you can even get started with packages!

DeepEarth Version 1 Released!

My time has been scarce and one of the reasons is due to my participation on the DeepEarth dev team. There are a handful of us that have been working hard to push out the first stable version of DeepEarth. A few of the developers have been working very hard and the work has paid off!

Silverlight Write and Win Contest

There is a silverlight write and win contest that is currently allowing people to vote for the best article. There are some great articles there including 2 of my older posts about connecting drupal and silverlight. Be sure to read them all and vote for the one you like best!

To vote, you must have silverlight installed and a nifty silverlight voting control will be displayed below the list of articles on the above link. Simply click on the article that you would like to vote for.

Silverlight and Drupal: Popular Content

Introduction for the Drupal Community

Hello all! I wanted to write a short introduction of myself as I am now venturing into drupal. My name is Matt Serbinski and some of you may know my brother, Ted Serbinski. He is the one who has gotten me into drupal and I have been part of the drupal community since early 2006, all though very silent. I have been working with drupal on and off and am now beginning to pick it back up again. I will be making a few websites for friends and family that will use drupal and allow me to explore some new features / modules that drupal has to offer.

Bomberman on Popfly

Popfly has gone offline ...

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